January Holidays

Where to go for holidays in January?

January holiday weather in Sri Lanka :
January is one best month to travel to Sri Lanka and Maldives. You will be enjoying the pleasant warm weather with calm seas with cooler nights. Why not escape to the winter sun in Sri Lanka or Maldives or combined them with our twin centre holidays. If you want warm weather in January then there are few destinations situated on Indian Ocean that will be perfect for your winter escape. Sri Lanka will be great for touring around, whale watching, diving, beach stays and sightseeing. Maldives beaches are also best during this month. Diving will also be good in Maldives and Sri Lanka.
Fairly good: Seychelles for sailing and snorkelling

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Sri Lanka Holidays

Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise on earth waiting to be rediscovered. The explorer Marco Polo described it as “undoubtedly the finest island of its size in the world.



Maldives have deep blue seas, turquoise reefs, white sandy beaches and palm trees. It is also a place full of character, where its people have long spent their days…



Seychelles, jewel of the Indian Ocean. Renowned for its unique landscape, spectacular granite and coral islands, unspoiled beaches, nature reserves and two UNESCO